The Distilled Water Company sells high quality reverse osmosis water to its customers. This reverse osmosis water is suitable for use in autoclaves, steam sterilizers, critical cleaning, industry, and other science based organizations.

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When it comes to purity, reverse osmosis water is one of the highest specification, bottled and purified water available on the market. This is due to its exceptionally low micro-organism, endotoxim and conductivity counts. This aspect of the water is what makes it so vital a component to the industries and processes in which it is used.

Reverse osmosis technology allows us to conduct a process of "ultra filtration", by which the water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane by a high water pressure level. As the water is forced forwards, the layered membranes act as a thorough filter for the water, capturing unwanted contaminants and removing them from the water molecules.

Buy Reverse Osmosis Water in the UK

The Distilled Water Company is a leading supplier of specialised waters in the UK. We have full confidence in the quality of reverse osmosis water that we offer to our clients, which has even been used by beverage plants to produce bottled water. You can rely on our reverse osmosis water for complete sterilisation purposes and the improvement of the working life of your appliances.