Home Water Distiller

Home Water Distiller

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Mega Home Water Distiller

The Mega Home Water Distiller is a trusted distilled water system that heats H20 until its steam, followed by cooling it down as purified, softened water. From the manufactures that have delivered high quality water distilling machinery for over 20 years, it guarantees that your water is 100% boiled, steralised, clean, safe and environmentally friendly. It is fully certified globally for safety and excellence, which makes it perfect for personal use at home.

How to distil water at home

While you might want to distil water at home using traditional methods, often the process is not 100% full proof as most tools at your disposal aren’t built to provide a high quality of purified water. Mega Home Water Distillers, on the other hand, offer a safe alternative that adheres to the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) standard. They’re also easy to maintain, meaning very little attention is needed when distilling water for home use.

This counter top home distilling system is one of the most popular in the UK, with features such as:

  • A break-resistant poly carbon collection container
  • A single-start button for operation
  • The capability to distil water anywhere in the home or office
  • A simple way to maintain
  • Zero pollution
  • It produces 100% distilled water for home use
  • It carries numerous safety certifications that are recognised across the globe

The best uses for home distilling using the Mega Distiller

The Mega Home Water Distiller can be used for a variety of applications in the home and workshop. This includes:

  • Topping up lead acid batteries
  • Automotive cooling systems as it is not corrosive
  • Any mechanical device that requires water
  • Topping up home fish tanks
  • Use in irons for pressing clothes

The Distilled Water Company proudly offers this renowned water softening system online. We offer a swift delivery service to ensure that you get your order in time to distilled water at home. Purchase your home water distiller from us today!