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 Easy-Tap For 20L Water Container

Easy-Tap For 20L Water Container

£11.95 (£9.96 ex VAT)
Part Number:PAT001

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For ease of pouring we can supply a tap that will attach to your 20 litre water container. The screw on tap can be reused, but we strongly recommend that it is surgically cleaned before being placed on another container.

A Tap for our Water Containers

This tap should not be transferred between a distilled water container and other types of water containers, as it is possible that this could result in cross contamination, which would negatively effect the purity and quality of the waters.

Plastic Water Container Tap

Because of its design, the plastic water container tap is easy to use. By simply attaching it to the contained, you can easily pour from the water container into the area where the water is needed. The tap diminished chances of a spill, while ensuring you're able to use all of the distilled water in the container for the intended purpose for which it was bought.

Our 20L water container taps are just another way by which The Distilled Water Company aims to fulfill all of your specialised water needs. Contact us today to find out more by calling 0330 123 3309.