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Demineralised Water | 10 Litres

Demineralised Water | 10 Litres

Demineralised Water in Container
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The Distilled Water Company sells directly to customers across the UK.

Our demineralised water is of the highest quality and put through a thorough process of deionization to provide water that can be used in the pharmaceutical, industrial and commercial products industry.

Guidelines for using Demineralised Water

Observe use-by dates storing away from direct light, heat, chemicals or contaminants. Any water unused or left in opened containers degrades rapidly and at the end of the day should be discarded.

We do not recommend the use of demineralised water for human consumption.

Due Diligence

To ensure product quality, samples are taken from various stages of production and consistently monitored on every batch produced, as well as strict in-house systems.

We use third party UKAS accredited analytical testing to validate our demineralised water.

For customers who are required or wish to show appropriate due diligence in product selection we offer compliance certificates of our list of standards to support your processes.

Water process

Our water is created through the process of demineralisation, where average water is converted into high quality deionised or demineralised water.

Our demineralised water is passed through an ion exchange resin bed which removes impurities from non-pure water.

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