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For our larger wholesale customers we offer wholesale rates on both our distilled and demineralised water. Please contact us for our ratecard and we can set you up with wholesale pricing.
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Demineralised Water  | Water Tanker
Demineralised Water | Water Tanker
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Distilled Water | 1000 Litres
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Bulk Quantity Demineralised and Distilled Water

Buying demineralised and distilled water in bulk can be done through The Distilled Water Company with ease. We sell a range of purified water in large amounts of 1000 litres stored in IBC water containers and up to 20 thousand litre water tankers. You can also order custom quantities of deionised water to suit your business's needs, whether you're in the medical, automotive, cosmetic or scientific sector. What's more, you can look forward to aquick delivery of your order.

Where can I buy distilled or deionised water in bulk?

The Distilled Water Company is one of the largest and most reliable bulk deionised and distilled water suppliers in the UK. Our range of deionised water is taken through the most rigorous quality control processes when being processed, and is certified to ensure the highest quality is what you receive, with certification being available upon request.

What can I use bulk distilled and demineralised water for?

Our wholesale range of distilled and demineralised water is ideal forindustrial, medical and scientific applications. It can be used where only the highest quality of water is needed, as it doesn't contain impurities that might compromise on the quality of your finished product. Bulk demineralised water can be used for applications such as:

· Cleaning medical and industrial equipment to avoid corrosion

· Laboratory analysis and, in autoclaves and in chemical testing

· Topping up lead acid car batteries, as it doesn't contain positive and negative ions that can reduce a car battery's lifespan

· An ingredient in cosmetic products, which can be identified on the ingredients list as aqua

· Gas turbines during compressor washing and rinsing

Typical Analysis of our wholesale distilled and demineralised water quality

Distilled Water



H20 M.W. 18.01

pH 5-8

Chloride (as CI)








Ammonia (as N)


Demineralised Water






<0.05 mg/L


<5 Hazen Units


<0.1 mg/L


<0.1 mg/L


Clear liquid free from contamination

Customers are always welcome to contact us with queries regarding our wholesale distilled water applications by calling 0845 006 3309 or emailing contact@thedistilledwatercompany.com.