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Demineralised Water

The majority of our customers know us for our distilled water. Customers are looking for a high quality water that has been manufactured to a very high level of purity. We also offer demineralised water to customers who require less conductivity in the water.

The process of demineralisation places a normal water through a unique process which removes dissolved minerals, salts and ions. Demineralised water is of an extremely high quality.

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Demineralised Water  | Water Tanker
Demineralised Water | Water Tanker
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Demineralised Water  | 1000 Litres
Demineralised Water | 1000 Litres
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Demineralised Water  | 20 Litres
Demineralised Water | 20 Litres
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Demineralised Water  | 10 Litres
Demineralised Water | 10 Litres
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 Easy-Tap For 20L Water Container
Easy-Tap For 20L Water Container
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Demineralised water is manufactured using a very careful process than removes both minerals and ions. During the process the water is run through multiple resin beds which extract mineral ions and impurities. Resin beds can vary in quality and this will increase the purity of the manufactured water. This delivers a exceptionally clean end product which is often used in laboratories and medical facilities.

Our demineralised water is sourced from the largest production facility in the UK. We deliver by courier across the UK in food-grade containers that range from ten litres all the way through to a 1000 litre IBCs and water tankers.

Demineralised water is often known by the terms Demin Water, DI Water and DIW.

Typical Analysis of our Demineralised Water
Conductivity <1µS
Chloride <0.1mg/L
Silicates <0.05 mg/L
Colour <5 Hazen Units
TOC <0.1 mg/L
IC <0.1 mg/L
Appearance Clear liquid free from contamination
Demineralised Water is available from us in the following container sizes
  • 10 litre plastic container
  • 20 litre plastic container
  • 1,000 litre IBC Containers
  • 20,000 litre water tankers

Customers who purchase on our site before 12.00pm are guaranteed same day dispatch as long as the goods are in stock. Our water is distributed in London through our delivery network and we will call to arrange the details of the delivery. Outside of London our water is dispatched on a next working day courier (mainland UK) and we can provide customers with the relevant tracking orders.