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Buy Demineralised (Deionised) Water

Buy Demineralised (Deionised) Water

If your operation requires that you buy a reliable supply of high-quality demineralised (deionised) water then don’t hesitate to browse our wide range of options within the UK. Not only do we cater for almost any quantity but we always deliver on time in and around the M25 .

Getting a steady supply of distilled, and demineralised water with less conductivity, is easy when you partner with us. Every enterprise is unique, which is why we have a wide selection of quantities. These range from 10 litres to large-scale deionised water tankers.

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Demineralised Water  | Water Tanker
Demineralised Water | Water Tanker
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Demineralised Water  | 1000 Litres
Demineralised Water | 1000 Litres
Your Price: £390.00 (£325.00 ex VAT)
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Demineralised Water  | 20 Litres
Demineralised Water | 20 Litres
Your Price: £23.75 (£19.79 ex VAT)
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Demineralised Water  | 10 Litres
Demineralised Water | 10 Litres
Your Price: £19.13 (£15.94 ex VAT)
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 Easy-Tap For 20L Water Container
Easy-Tap For 20L Water Container
Your Price: £7.50 (£6.25 ex VAT)
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By expertly managing the process of demineralisation, we’re able to convert average water into extremely high quality deionised water. This means all minerals, salts and ions will have been removed, leaving only the purest water. How is this possible? In short, water is run through multiple resin beds in order to ensure impurities are extracted. Organisations such as research laboratories and medical facilities require an exceptionally clean end product and we’re proud to supply the very best.

Buying Demineralised Water in the UK

Don’t be left wondering where to get deionised water, partner with The Distilled Water Company and have peace of mind that you’re being serviced by the UK’s leading supplier of demineralised H2O. You can get access to water sourced from the largest product facility in the country. This is delivered direct to you via dependable couriers all across the UK. You’ll receive your pure water in food-grade containers and can choose from the following quantities:

  • 10 litre plastic container – suitable for small scale use such as automotive cooling systems.
  • 20 litre plastic container – suitable for slightly more intensive activities requiring pure water.
  • 1,000 litre IBC Containers – suitable for industry, in particular laboratories and manufacturing.
  • 20,000 litre water tankers – suitable for large scale use in industry i.e. pharmaceutical production or even aquariums.

Product Details

Deionised water is often known by the terms Demin Water, DI Water and DIW. Below is a typical analysis of our product: >






<0.05 mg/L


<5 Hazen Units


<0.1 mg/L


<0.1 mg/L


Clear liquid free from contamination

Dispatching Details

If you buy deionised water from us by purchasing on our site before 12.00pm, then we will guarantee same day dispatch, as long as the goods are in stock. Our water is distributed in London through our delivery network and we will call to arrange the details of the delivery. Outside of London, our water is dispatched on a next working day courier (mainland UK) and we can provide customers with the relevant tracking orders.